It all started when…

In 2012, Sandrine Ganem started knitting her first models. The collection took shape and Rose Carmine was born. She wanted to create the pullovers and jumpers of her dreams : those you can’t find elsewhere and you’ve never seen on anyone. As a colour lover, she designed her collection as artworks. She mixed colours; associated them in a bold and creative way, giving free rein to her whims. She also discovered yarns, twines, all kinds of materials...

A new world opened. A world where colours are mixed so to thrive and reveal one’s taste for an intimate fashion. Today her knitwear creations take the shapes of pullovers, jackets, coats, ponchos, boleros and other dream-coloured accessories made from carefully chosen materials… Sandrine Ganem, who displays a great know-how, chooses high-quality yarns and creates a bright range of colours specially dyed for her.

The Rose Carmine collection is an invitation to a daily and timeless fashion matching colours and shapes. The make brings a different way to think about knitwear which here becomes modern, authentic and luxurious because of the time needed for the creation and the care given to the manufacturing of each hand-knit product.

Rose Carmine is a brand with a strong identity and a customized style and imagery. One needs beauty, softness, comfort and joie de vivre. Rose Carmine conjures up our deepest memories, from childhood… In a Rose Carmine jumper one feels like in a cosy nest, like resting on a cloud.

Sandrine Ganem may be the best person to tell about it:

« Rose Carmine is a dream I created because I couldn’t find it in real life, a dream I knit to dress myself in rareness and uniqueness, a dream of sweaters nowhere-to-be-found. A dream made of lightweight and fluffy wool coming from an angel and not from sheep, with the colours I picked from the most blazing nature. An eternal dream that would appeal to all generations, from the teenage girl to her mother, that would seduce all women who like to wrap up themselves in a coloured cloud, in natural warmth and protective softness. From city to countryside, from weekdays to weekends, from wee little hours at home to late night out, from summer to winter, this knitwear accompanies and softens all life’s moments. This is an invitation to live the sweet life, la dolce vita. I dreamt of such frothy and fluffy yarn that floats and dances around me, this warm as a breath of air on one’s skin, a gentle and sensual caress. I dreamt, I dreamt, I dreamt. And I knit. And I keep on dreaming. »